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- Seagram Feat. Yukmouth - Seag & Yuk Is Ridin'

- Shock G Feat. Luniz - We Got Mo


Status - - Be Sure to read - -

The site will under go a lot of changes. Discography, biography, Audio, lyrics, pictures etc will all be updated. We are all in exams are busy, but we will find the time. We will be buying a dot com when we can. Be sure to check this site now and again. Any big news will be reported. KEEP supporting those Luniz! They bringing they shit this year again and it'll be banging. Fuck bootlegging and cop the future releases!


MP3 Of The Month

File Type: MP3
Song: I'm A Boss
Artist(s): Daz & JT The Bigga Figga feat. C-Bo, Yukmouth & Dru Down
Size: 4,54 MB
Comment: This song is off Daz & JT The Bigga Figga's compilation Game 4 Sale. The album also features, San Quinn, Sean T, Killa Tay, E-40 and more. Pick up the album HERE.

Right click on the song and then 'save as'.



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Video Shoot

Yukmouth just shot a new video together with Young Noble of the Outlawz, Bad Azz & Louie Loc. The video is called "Thug Song" and it will be on BET in about a month. The song will be featured on Louie Loc presents Power Move compilation.

Source: Outlaw Recordz

Reported by: Chronic

Some New Audio !

Whatz Up Yall. I got some audio for yall do check out. Its a song called "Blockmode", and its by a artists named T-Lew featuring Yukmouth. The songs off his earlier release this year, titled "40 Below". You can downlaod it below. If the downlaod doesn't work right, then Right Click & Save Target As to Download. peace.

T-Lew featuring: Yukmouth - "Blockmode" DOWNLOAD

Reported by: Young G

West Side Bad Boys 2: Bay 2 LA Tracklisting

Here is the tracklisting, for the new compilation West Side Bad Boyz - Bay 2 L.A. Part 2 Presented by Snakepit Records, which consists of old and new tracks it features artists such as Yukmotuh, Ant Banks, Rappin-4-Tay, Keak Da Sneak, Dru Down and a lot more. I have uploaded the song peformed by Yukmouth, TQ, Caz, CJ Mac, Gangsta and Ridd Click HERE or on the on the song title below to listen, and Click HERE to pre-order.

01. Nate Dogg, Lil Bigg, Mac Dre, 2wiceberg - Get It Crackin
02. Caz, TQ, Yukmouth, Cj Mack, Gangsta, Ridd - Pop Yo Colla (Remix)
03. Tray Deee, Notorious G - Still A G Thang
04. E-40, 2wiceberg, B-Legit, Peba - Be Like Me
05. Caz, Lazie Bone, Ice T - Throw It Up
06. Keak Da Sneak, Harm Fel - Freak It
07. Ant Banks, Rappin-4-Tay - Life Styles
08. Dresta, Young Hogs - We Hustlers
09. Steady Mobbin - Sound Like A Bust
10. Bad Azz - Maximillion
11. Suga Free, Dru Down, 4-Tay - Pimp Talk (Remix 2002) 12. Fel Bugsy - Going Down
13. Tuff Family Ent - Gangsta Do What They Want
14. Dime feat. Ms Toi, Ju-L - Romi
o Juliet Part

and also just a little exlucisve - Mike dean will be mixing the upcoming Luniz album... Thanks to Kronink and Nima.

Reported by: C-Dub

UGA Compilation Tracklisting & Information

Whatz Up Yall. recently posted the official tracklist, and album info. for the upcoming Yukmouth compilation, "United Ghettos Of America" being released on Smoke-ALot Records/Bayside Entertainment Distribution on July 16th. And judging from the info. below, its gonna be a hot release. Pre-Order it HERE .

01. Dem Can't Win - Gangsta Girl, Tah Tah and Yukmouth
Produced by: Don Juan for Mizery Muzzick
Published by: Mr. Ellis Publishing (BMI)
Recorded at Smoke House Studios, N. Hollywood, CA

02. Brick City Chicks - Bricks-R-Us
Produced by: Amin & D-Don for Lockdown International
Published by: Mr. Ellis Publishing (BMI)
Recorded at Dondrama House Of Hits, Newark, NJ

03. Fuck Shit Up - Big Bear and Monsta Ganjah
Produced by: Lil' Ron for Lil' R Productions
Published by: Mr. Ellis Publishing (BMI)
Recorded at Smoke House Studios, N. Hollywood, CA

04. Top Thug Nigga - Yukmouth
Produced by: Don Juan for Mizery Muzzick
Published by: Mr. Ellis Publishing (BMI)
Recorded at Smoke House Studios, N. Hollywood, CA

05. Money, Murder & Sex - Jazzy Pha and Phats Bossi
Produced by: Jazzy Pha
Published by: Mr. Ellis Publishing (BMI)
Recorded at Noontime Studios, Atlanta, GA

06. I'm So Cool - Dru Down, Lil' Ron, Richie Rich and Yukmouth
Produced by: Lil' Ron for Lil' R Productions
Published by: Mr. Ellis Publishing (BMI)
Recorded at Smoke House Studios, N. Hollywood, CA

07. Phony Mothafuckaz - Bad Azz, Shogun and Yukmouth
Produced by: Don Juan for Mizery Muzzick
Published by: Mr. Ellis Publishing (BMI)
Recorded at Smoke House Studios, N. Hollywood, CA

08. We Getting It - D-Don and Yukmouth
Produced by: Amin and D-Don for Lock Down International
Published by: Mr. Ellis Publishing (BMI)
Recorded at Dondrama House Of Hits, Newark, NJ

09. Time Zonez - Big Bear, Don Juan and Yukmouth
Produced by: Lil' Ron for Lil' R Productions
Published by: Mr. Ellis Publishing (BMI)
Recorded at Smoke House Studios, N. Hollywood, CA

10. Get Yourz - B-Legit, CJ Mac and The Régime
Produced by: Don Juan for Mizery Muzzick
Published by: Mr. Ellis Publishing (BMI)
Recorded at Smoke House Studios, N. Hollywood, CA

11. Never - Big Bear, Dru Down and Yukmouth
Produced by: Don Juan for Mizery Muzzick
Published by: Mr. Ellis Publishing (BMI)
Recorded at Smoke House Studios, N. Hollywood, CA

12. Ride 4 Me - Nyce
Produced by: Lil' Ron for Lil' R Productions
Published by: Mr. Ellis Publishing (BMI)
Recorded at Smoke House Studios, N. Hollywood, CA

13. Warzone - Blackmail, J-Mack, Monsta Ganjah, Rube and Young Phantom
Produced by: Don Juan for Mizery Muzzick
Published by: Mr. Ellis Publishing (BMI)
Recorded at Smoke House Studios, N. Hollywood, CA

14. Dragon Style - Daisey, Louie Loc and Yukmouth
Produced by: Don Juan for Mizery Muzzick
Published by: Mr. Ellis Publishing (BMI)
Recorded at Smoke House Studios, N. Hollywood, CA

15. Get Dat Bread - Yukmouth
Produced by: Lil' Ron for Lil' R Productions
Published by: Mr. Ellis Publishing (BMI)
Recorded at Smoke House Studios, N. Hollywood, CA

16. What's Goin' On? - Bobi, Monsta Ganjah, Suge and Yukmouth
Produced by: Lil' Ron for Lil' R Productions
Published by: Mr. Ellis Publishing (BMI)
Recorded at Smoke House Studios, N. Hollywood, CA

17. Smoke-A-Lot - Dru Down, Monsta Ganjah, Nyce and Yukmouth
Produced by: Lil' Ron for Lil' R Productions
Published by: Mr. Ellis Publishing (BMI)
Recorded at Smoke House Studios, N. Hollywood, CA

18. United Ghettos Of America - C-BO, Cold 187um, Mad Lion, MC Eiht, Outlawz and Yukmouth
Produced by: Don Juan for Mizery Muzzick
Published by: Mr. Ellis Publishing (BMI)
Recorded at Smoke House Studios, N. Hollywood, CA

All songs mixed by: Don Juan and William Lucas

A&R: Steve Lobel & A.J. Pavel

Mastered by: Mike Deanton at Infinite Sounds Alameda, CA

Art Work: Phat Efx

Executive Producer: Yukmouth


Reported by: Young-G

Yukmouth appearing on Baby Face Assassins LP

Yukmouth along with others will be appearing on a upcoming album from the group "Baby Face Assassins". Group members are Kafani, Kapacity, Lucky Luciana, & Young Slugger. Their debut album is called "The Ruby Red Eye", and will be released on June 25th. Other guests on the album include Coo Coo Cal, Too $hort, Rass Kass, Bad Azz, Bavgate (Steady Mobbin), San Quinn, and many more. You can pre-order that album HERE . I also have the album tracklisting below.

01. Intro
02. We Hard Core featuring: Bavgate & Big Toine
03. Rightous Thuggin
04. Paper Over Pussy featuring: Too $hort
05. Shake It 4 Da Hood
06. That Way You Do It featuring: Coo Coo Cal
07. City Slickers
08. Roll Call featuring: AP-9 (of Mob Figaz)
09. Mobb Deep featuring: Rapture
10. No Questions featuring: San Quinn
11. Fake Shit
12. Skit
13. Get It Baby
14. R U Wit It featuring: Yukmouth & Big Toine
15. Divas & Ballers featuring AP-9 & Mo'Fa
16. We Be Rollin featuring: Bad Azz & Rass Kass
17. Getcha featuring: AP-9 (of Mob Figaz)
18. Ball Hard featuring: I.R.S.
19. Lucky
20. Worldly Wayz featuring: Jacka (of Mob Figaz)
21. Neva Been featuring: AP-9 (of Mob Figaz)
22. Ruby Red Eye (Outro)

Reported by: Young-G

First Exclusive News

I just heard that Phats Bossi, Mad Max and Lil' Ke Ke from the Regime have left the Regime for personal reasons. L.A. native female MC Nyce has joined the Regime after Yukmouth being her mentor. She looks like the modeltype but is straight heat so people will be amazed to see her spitting rhymes.

Numskull will be releasing his solo album on Smoke-A-Lot Records. Luniz are gonna release a revised version of the bootlegged album Oakland Blaze. Yuk is also working on his Godzilla album, his 4th solo album. C-Bo and Yuk will be working on Thugg Lordz soon. LunizOnline exclusive news!

Reported by: Chronic

Release Date of U.G.A.

Yukmouth's wife Katrina said it's dropping July 9th..

Reported by: Chronic

United Ghetto's Of America

Smoke-A-Lot/Bayside Entertainment Distribution is scheduled to release Yukmouth's compilation titled "United Ghettos Of America". It will be set for release on July 16, 2002. It will feature Yukmouth on every track with guest appearances from Bad Azz, Big Hutch, B-Legit, C-BO, CJ Mac, D-Don, Dru Down, Jazzy Pha, Mad Lion, MC Eiht, Richie Rich, the Outlawz and others. Click HERE to peep the cover.


P.S.: All you BIG Luniz fan's keep peepin', There will be a lot of tyte shit coming in a few days...

Reported by: C-Dub

New MC Eiht Track & Quasi Sport Advert

Just another quik update first off heres the new track by MC Eiht Featuring Yukmouth - Uh Huh taken from MC Eihts new album "
Underground Hero", Click HERE to download in Real Audio. Second off i have found another Yukmouth clothes advert but this time it's for Quasi Sport. Click HERE to view it. Enjoy

I will return very shortly. Sorry for the trouble i just been real busy!!! i will try and make a few updates every week though.


Reported by: C-Dub


What's Up?
I wont be able to update for a few weeks, i just want to get school out of my way i've just got a quik update. My first update is the ad for "Thugged Out: The Albulation", Yukmouths first solo album, Click HERE to view it, And i have also scanned in an old clothes ad from Knobetta, Click HERE to view it and i have also peeped there website and found a few old-ish clothes photo shots. Click HERE for the first, Click HERE for the second, Click HERE for the third and Click HERE for the last... I'll be shall return shortly.
The clothes ad which i scaned in isn't very big i will get it scaned again, in perfect quality.

Reported by: C-Dub


Yuk, Mad Max & Phats on C-Bo Compilation

C-Bo's record company West Coast Mafia Records will be releasing the compilation West Coast Mafia with Warlock Records on July 23, 2002.

Yuk, Mad Max and Phats Bossi all have a spot on the album.


01. WC Intro - Spade & Crash
02. Milk & Honey - C-Bo
03. We Did It - Bobby Sealz, C-Bo and Spade
04. So Much Chedda - C-Bo and Killa Tay
05. West Coast Mafia Gang - C-Bo, H60dsta Rob, Max Julian, Phats Bossi and Speedy
06. Party Tonite - C-Bo and Yukmouth
07. Can U Deal Wit This? - Big Lurch, C-Bo, Killa Tay and Roger Troutman Jr.
08. Head On Freeway - C-Bo
09. The Plot (interlude) - Spade & Crash
10. Gee'd Up (Blocc Movement) - C-Bo
11. Clean Get Away? (interlude) - Spade & Crash
12. U Know The Rules - Bobby Sealz, C-Bo and Cozmo
13. Blacc Gorrillas - C-Bo and Cyco
14. Keep Shit Locced - Brotha Lynch Hung, C-Bo and Fat Tone
15. Y'all Prankstas - C-Bo, CJ Mac, Cryciz and Mr. Short Khop
16. Dub C M'd Out - C-Bo, Cyco, Marvelous, Pizzo and Thug Missis
17. Thugg It! - Bosko, C-Bo, Cool Nutz and E-40
18. It's Not A Game (interlude) - Spade & Crash
19. I'm A Baller - C-Bo
20. Rat Head - C-Bo and Young Meek


Reported by: Chronic


Got An Answer

Alright Yuk's secretary (and wife), Katrina Ellis, replied today. She's very busy, you can understand that in the line of profession she's in, but she takes the time to reply which is much appreciated, so if we gotta wait for a while, it's understandable. She's on a two-way and her e-mails can't be too long, but from what I understand is, Yuk and Knum want the site. She, Katrina, wants to know what exactly we want from Luniz and then plans should be made hopefully. I'll keep y'all informed when I got something more. When we purchased a site with a lot of bandwidth a lot more will be added. Biography, discography, pictures and more will all be updated.


Reported by: Chronic

Yukmouth Appearance + Dates of Outlawz albums

I'm a bit late LoL, but Outlaw Recordz is releasing these albums this month:

Kastro & E.D.I. -Blood Brothers: May 21
Young Noble -Noble Justice: May 28

Yukmouth is featured on track nr. 19: Lightz Out feat. E.D.I., Lil' Zane, Bad Azz & Yukmouth) of Young Noble's album.

Be sure to pick these tight albums up and support one of the best groups out there, Outlawz. Also pick up a copy of their DVD Worldwide. It's had nothing but good reviews.

Check Outlaw Recordz for more info

Source: Outlaw Recordz

Reported by: Chronic


No News Yet + New Site Page

No news on the purchasing of the dot com yet. I haven't received an answer yet... I'll keep you informed when I get the slighest news.

I have been working on the Regime page a lot. I hope to finish it soon. Click HERE to check out the current lay-out. I forgot to add http:// to it but it should work now. E-mail me with what you think of it.

Webmaster C-Dub won't be online for a while anyways...


Reported by: Chronic

Yukmouth on MC Eiht's new album

Yukmouth is to be featured on the song Uh-huh of MC Eiht's new album Underground Hero. Amongst Yukmouth also Outlawz, Mack 10 and Sticky Fingaz will appear on the album.

1. The Bomb Eiht
2. Bang
3. Get Yours feat. Mack 10
4. Hungry
5. Uh-huh feat. Yukmouth
6. First Time Actor
7. The Hustle
8. Graduation Day
9. Hipnotize
10. In My Town
11. Fire Alarm
12. Never Take It Easy
13. Keep It Movin
14. Territory
15. The Shoe Caper
16. The Rah Rah Nigga
17. Leave Me Alone
18. Black Music Dept
19. What You Wish For


Reported by: Chronic


Yuk & C-BO appear on 10sion album

Yukmouth & C-BO along with others will be appearaing on a artist named 10sion’s album, which is titled “In The Face Of Judas”. This album has no release date yet, but will be released on Black-N-Brown Entertainment. Other artists featured are Tha Outlawz, Mr.Kee, I.V.A.N., Young Chopper Santiago, and more.

Reported by: Young-G

New Audio Update !!!

Whatz Up Yall. I got a tyte song in real player, by Yukmouth, BA (of 3xKrazy), & C-BO’s Mob Figaz, called “High Stakes”. This is an older song, from the Mob Figaz 1999 release, but the album was slept on, as well as the song. You can download it below. I will be back later on with more audio, and I am still working on ripping Yuk’s interview from the ‘Murder Show” DVD. Peace.   (Right Click & Save Target As To Download)

Mob Figaz, Yukmouth, & BA – “High Stakes”  DOWNLOAD

Reported by: Young-G


Purchasing a dot com

I have been in contact with Yukmouth's assistant through e-mail about purchasing a dot com. Tripod is a good site if you'd like a site with small traffic. But we (the staff) would like to expend the site and get a lot more traffic. It's not that easy for us to get news and that's why I'm asking Yukmouth (through his assistant) to give us some kind of contribution such as a weekly/monthly newsletter. If we get this, we're nearly certain to purchase a dot com, which also means there will be a lot more info on the site. More pictures, lyrics etc. Nothing is certain though..Let's just hope we will get the chance to really give you a feeling that this is the official site by getting exclusive news. Peace

Reported by: Chronic


Yukmouth on Seagram Records Compilation

Yukmouth is supposed to be featured on "The Mack Gods Movie Soundtrack" which will be released by Seagram Records, a record label dedicated to deceased Oakland rapper Seagram (R.I.P.). Other than Yukmouth it'll feature rappers Seagram, Scarface, Spice 1, C-Funk, Frost, Bloody Mary, CJ Mac, Young Trey, Moss Major, Poohman, AP9, Kazy D, Madd Nation, Suga Free, Sac Sin and more.


Reported by: Chronic


Yukmouth in “Murder Show” Documentary


Yukmouth was recently featured on Killa Tay’s “Murder Show” Documentary, along with C-BO, J.T. The Bigga Figga, Billy Bavgate (Steady Mobbin), Bad Azz, Guce, Tha Outlawz, and more. Yuk is basically talking about the streetz, west coast rap scene, and other thugged outt shit. I’ll have that ripped from DVD soon. I’ll also be back later with some tyte underground audio for yall to listen to.

Reported by: Young-G

C-Bo & Gonzoe featured on B.A. of 3x Krazy's solo joint -25.03.02-

C-Bo was featured on the song 'Ghetto Madness' together with Ridah (of Mob Figaz), San Quinn and ex-Régime member Gonzoe AKA Young Ritzy. Maybe the beef between Gonzoe and the Régime is squashed. Don't take my word on it tho.. Here's the tracklist of B.A. of 3x Krazy's solo album 'Block Report' releasing February 12, 2002

01. Intro
02. Block Report
03. 100 Block feat. E-40
04. Ghetto Madness feat. C-Bo, Ridah, San Quinn, Gonzoe
05. Sex, Money, Murda feat. Outfitters
06. 7 Days feat. Dede
07. Ball Wit Us ft Mob Figaz
08. 1, 2, 3 feat. Mob Figaz
09. Ah Pussy feat. Keak Da Sneak (of 3x Krazy)
10. 24/7 feat. Ghetto Starz
11. Neva feat. Cormega, Dede
12. Same Thug feat. Jayo Felony
13. Panties In A Knot feat. Keak Da Sneak, Swoop G & 2 Scoops
14. Last Transaction feat. Billy Bavgate

Reported by: Chronic


Family Tree... 02-04-02

Treach from Naughty By Nature who is rummoured to be signed to tha row records, has recently mentioned 2Pac on his new album Iicons the song is titled Family Tree, Click HERE to listen to clip...

He says "Pac, the word is you aint dead, so fuck the rumor/I'll get a pound of that shit from bermuda and meet you in cuba..." - Treach, -Family Tree


Reported: C-Dub

Yuk Pic & Update... 02-04-02

Chronic a while back found a picture of Yukmouth and J Detoxx in a concert which i had never seen until he sent me it click pic below to enlarge:
And i also added the Thug Angel advertisment just incase y'all interseted: )

the photo gallery will be up very soon with a frehs new design,

And thanks to chronic for these tyte pics

P.S. I should be doing an interview with Yuk very shortly i juss' gotta get shit sorter around here and if u missed the chance to cop the first issue of Rime magazine u also missed a tyte azz interview with Yukmouth... I'll get that shit scanned very soon : )


Reported: C-Dub

mIRC 02-04-02

Wussup, now have an official yukmouth room on mIRC to get to the room join #yukmouth shits HOT my name on there is C-Dub

Thanks to Ompa for letting us share his shit!

Reported: C-Dub

Reviews 04-03-03 have now also added a 'review section' to the site. click on the links below to get diverted to the page... Look Below:

Click HERE to view the review of Young Noble & JT - Street Warz
Click HERE to view the review of Dru Down - Gangsta Pimpin
Click HERE to view the review of Kurupt - Space Boogie: Smoke Oddyssey
Click HERE to view the review of Tupac Shakur: Before I Wake (DVD/VHS)
Click HERE to view the review of C-Bo - Life As A Rider
Click HERE to view the review of Tha Alkaholiks - X.O. The Movie Experience (DVD/VHS)
Click HERE to view the review of Nas - Stillmatic
Click HERE to view the review of Mobb Deep - Infamy
Click HERE to view the review of Azarel - Self Titled
Click HERE to view the review of Dilated Peoples – Expansion Team
Click HERE to view the review of Codename: Scorpian
Click HERE to view the review of Tha Liks - X.O. Experience
Click HERE to view the review of Aceyalone - Accepted Eclectic
Click HERE to view the review of 2Pac - Until The End of Time
Click HERE to view the review of Ja Rule - Pain Is Love

Xtra special thanx to all the staff at much luv...~C-Dub

Reported: C-Dub

C-BO approached by Suge Knight LP 04-03-03

Suge Knight has been on an attempted signing spree since being released, approaching everyone from Mike Tyson to Ja Rule. Rumor is that Suge Knight attended C-Bo's release party and approached C-Bo about joining Tha Row.
Thanks again to Jon from for this update.

Reported: C-Dub


E-40's New LP 04-03-03

E-40's new album titled Tha Ballitician Drink & Drive should be released in June. Guest apperances include Suga Free on a Bosko produced song, Fabolous on a song produced by Rick Rock, Afroman on Roll On, Nate Dogg and others.
Thanks to Jon from for this update.

Reported: C-Dub


Exclusive Pics (LOL) Lisa Bonner!!! 03-03-03

What's Up this ain't no rap update below juss' sum funny shit...(haha)
well c it first started when my brotha was added on a pen pall list by no names (Lazzy) lol...he had an account on ForeverFriendsn pen pall list his profile said he was a Japenese Fighter Pilot, Gay DJ, and activist for gay rights & Lanlord. He then had an e-mail from somebody of the name "Lisa Bonner" she was aledgely 17 but turned out she was 13 and still is to this day (she had been 13 for quite sum time ~3 yrs) we have sum Exclusive picts of this multi-faced person.

CLICK HERE for the first of Four
CLICK HERE for the second of Four
CLICK HERE for the third of Four
CLICK HERE for the fourh of Four

U may notice that she has a few different personalities (haha)

Reported: C-Dub


Rime Magazine 27-02-02

The new issue of rime has just hit the stores, hurry up & cop it if u ain't already.. IIf you have never herd of 'Rime magazine before it is a dope underground westcoast rap magazine. I advise u to get issue 2 it features a dope a$$ interviews and latest news on people such as "Tha Realest, Tha Jay-Z V Nas battle, Kurupt's Current Situation, Mausburg & Ras Kass" Clcik HERE to view cover!

Reported: C-Dub


Gangsta Pimipin' EP 27-02-02

Luniz Guest Apperence Luniz will be appearing on the new Dru Down album titled Gangsta Pimpin which will be released on february 26th, you can check out 3 samples from the album i will try and get the Luniz songs ASAP... tracklist

01. Earhustlers
02. What Cha Speakin On
03. No Stopping My Hustle ft. Luniz, Space Hog
04. Gangstafied
05. Pimp Of The Year 2(000)
06. Jam On It feat. Nitro
07. Mo Guns feat. The Luniz
08. Outstanding feat Silk E Fine, Joose
09. Dont Shoot Pimpin ft. AMG, Suga Free [Listen]
10. Paper feat. Da Productz
11. J Rock
12. Give It Up feat. Bosko [Listen]
13. Wit It Wit It feat. Mellowdramatik
14. Givin Up Nothin feat. Kurupt, Bad Azz [Listen]
15. Bloodsucker

Tha Row Killa EP 27-02-02

Tha Row Killa EP Click HERE to view the cover for the Row Killa album Daz wants to release. The album is a complete dis album aimed at Death Row Records, it was originally supposed to be an EP but now it may be a LP. Apart from Daz the album will also feature DoggHouse Records artists from Snoop Dogg to Bad Azz. The album will be released late april/early may.


Requests 27-02-02

My homie Chronic is a huge pac and outlawz fan and he is currently after these few tracks lol (more than a few)...if anybody has any of them please can u add my msn which is or e-mail me at thanks alot Peace

01) Blessing - Outlawz
02) Freestyle - E.D.I., Fatal, Young Noble & Dirty Bert
03) Freestyle - Fatal
04) Freestyle - Fatal, Pentagon and Resorvoir Dogs
05) Freestyle - Napoleon and Young Noble
06) In My Shoes - Kausion
07) Last Man Standing - Outlawz, Gonzoe & The Régime
08) Lost And Turned Out - E.D.I., Fatal, Kastro & Napoleon
09) Power 106 Baka Boyz Drop - Gonzoe
10) Power 106 Fuzzy Fantabulous Drop - Gonzoe
11) Soldier - Young Noble & The Régime
12) Thinking I'm Dead - Fatal
13) War Before - Fatal & Fat Joe
14) What More Can I Say - Gonzoe Feat. Journey (Flawless)
16) Fast Lane - New Child
17) Second To None (original) - Fatal
18) Ride Or Die - Sean T, Outlawz & M.O.G.
19) U Know - Sean T Feat. Gonzoe
20) I B U - Destructo, Ed Bone, & Macadociuos
21) Live It Up - Outlawz
22) Hustlaz Reunion - Gangsta Reese, Rated R (Thug Life), Double Jep, Bloody Mary, Shkilla, Buddah, Havikk (SCC), Hot Dolla & David Ruffin Jr
23) Deep N The Game - Mussolini, B-Legit, Mac Shawn & Smilee G
25) Money Is The Reason - East Block Savages Feat. Outlawz
26) Out Of Control [Full Version] - Gonzoe
27) E.D.I. Mean's Convo. (interlude) - M.A.D. Mafia Feat. E.D.I. 28) It's About Time (Remix) - L.A. Nash Feat Gonzoe & Kam

Reported By: C-Dub

Update For Young Noble LP's 16-2-02

Firstly i wanna start with the Young Noble projects which are currently being made. To start with theres the 'Young Noble' and 'JT The Bigga Figga' which will be released on the 19th Of February which will be titled 'Street Wars' and will deature guest appearences by Nas, Yukmouth, Outlawz, C-BO, Daz Dillinger, San Quinn, Lil Zane, Bad Azz, Tha Gamblaz, Jersey Mob, Reddy Red, Seff, Double O, Baby Girl, Cosmo, Dirty Bert, Ive Low,D-Moe, Lil D & more. Executive producers are J.T. & Noble, Click HERE to view the 'Young Noble And JT Tha Bigga Figga' cover, and also after that there will be anotehr new lp droppin by 'Young Noble' and 'C-Bo' the album is not yet titled they have preveously worked together on songs such as The two have previously worked together on songs like "Hard Labor," "Another Episode" and "What U No 'Bout?".

Click HERE to view Young Noble and JT The Bigga Figga Front Cover

Reported By: C-Dub


Updates Soon! 27-02-02

There will be alot of updates shortly i juss gotta get my mind right and get on topa thangz again...


New Staff AGAIN! 27-02-02

Whats Up, new staff just joined u can reach him by p'z


Just A Quick Reminder 27-02-02

Just as a quick reminder:
The new Luniz album is supposed to come out in spring of 2002. It will be called Oakland Raiders. It has guest appearances from Daz, Kurupt, Devin the Dude, Fat Joe and Immature and production by LT Hutton, Battlecat, Mr. Lee, Felli Fel (who also produced for Outlawz on their new album Novakane) and Mr. Lee

Also the project Yukmouth and C-Bo are doing together: Thugg Lordz. It'll probably be released after the Luniz album and The Régime album (will be adding a Régime page soon)

Régime Debut Album: There was some confusion about the Régime album. It has NOT been released yet. It is supposed to be released later this year. Lil' Ki and Mad Max from The Régime released their album Thugg Lordz against Yukmouth's will. It wasn't released on Smoke-A-Lot Records. People thought this was the Régime's debut album but it's not. I personally liked the album and like Yukmouth said you can pick it up to 'support his peoples'. The Régime album will feature every member of the Régime. Be sure to cop that when it's released.

Yukmouth new LP: Yukmouth is also working on his 4th solo album: Godzilla. Yukmouth is looking to start off Smoke-A-Lot Records banging and from what I've heard from the Régime, it sounds promising. More info will be added when it's available Also did an interview with Smoke-A-Lot himself. Here's the link:

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News 05-02-02

The site can now also be accessed at, Bug


News 04-02-02

Ok, soon I might be workin on a whole new design for the site, and hopefully c-dub can hook up some fresh info n shit for the links, ive made a few minor changes, though i think a totally fresh approach might allow for a smoother runnin site. Ill keep y'all posted anywayz, Peace, Bug


New Staff
-February 1, 2002

You may have noticed that is getting bigger every day, and it may one day be as big as HitEmUp but naw (lol)...
Partly for the reasons taht the site has progressed is because there has been 2 dope cats helping out...And now they are Official webmaster at you may recognise one of them from when it was all up propeley but now it is closed and for sale, his name is Bug and u can reach him at and there is also anotehr dude helping out his name is Young G and he is the webmaster of
and u can contact Young G at


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Yukmouth Interview (Download Now!)
-February 1, 2002

Recently did several interviews with Yukmouth which were hella tyte u can donwload the best out of 'em all by clicking on the link below the one i've decided to upload is the "New Luniz Album Interview" CLICK HERE to download, which is hella tyte...also Yukmouth speaks on Tha Gamblaz saying that they bullshitaz and they gotta put him on the fornt on the album to make it look like his lp to sell (lol)... P'z

Reported By: C-Dub


*Rime Magazine Website coming soon! -January 26, 2002

L.A. based hiphop magazine, Rime will soon be coming online. The magazine which we @ think is probably one of the most under-rated magazines out there anyway, & reps Cali the way those fuckers at the Source don't cos they're player hating assholes drunk on hatorade & jealousy) will have a website located @

Reported By: C-Dub


Tech N9ne Released From Label -January 26, 2002

As of early this week, Tech N9ne is no longer an artist on JCOR, as the company has hit some problems & has laid off alot of staff, & artists. Tech N9ne has traveled to Los Angeles & is said to be in negotiation with a BIG name label out in L.A. but no specific details have yet been released. Thankz to SWICK from Tech N9ne HQ for the update!!!!

Reported By: C-Dub


*New C-Bo Album Listings "Life As A Rider"
- January 26, 2002

C-Bo is set to release his new album next week on West Coast Mafia Records. The album is called 'Life As A Rider' and features Tha Outlawz, Yukmouth, Kokane, Boo Capone, Speedy Loc, Tray Deee, Killa Tay, Dre'sta, CJ Mac, and more.

Here is the tracklist:

01. Cowboy feat. Kokane
02. What U No Bout feat. Outlawz
03. West Coast ft. Killa Tay, Spade, 151
04. I Am C-Bo - Crash Of Da Riders (Skit)
05. Creep feat. Yukmouth
06. Undadawgs feat. Dre'sta, CJ Mac 07. Who Bangin' feat. Boo Capone, Jamal, Lil Daddy, Speedy, Young Meek 08. If It Ain't Ruff
09. Let Me Ride feat. Don Twon
10. Routine Check
11. Who Got Flows
12. Haters, Music, Hoes feat. Spade, Tish, Crash, Skit
13. Party Tonight
14. Don't Love These Hoes
15. G's & Hustlas feat. Tray Dee
16. Rag Lo-Lo's
17. Outro

Reported By: C-Dub


Raptism Interview with Yukmouth -January 26, 2002

Head on over to to check out a video interview they conducted with Yukmouth.

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*New Régime Members
-January 26, 2002

Just wanted to let ya all know that there are some new Regime members. Dorasel and Monsta! Monsta is a Solomon Souljah and is affiliated with the Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E. He is a big man and has that big man voice without the breathing problems that some big rappers have, which makes him flow real nice. He rips up freestyles, and on a personal level is a very down to earth and nice guy. Look out for him along with the rest of Yukmouth's Regime on the Regime album this year, on Smoke-A-Lot Records.

Reported By: C-Dub


Luniz & WC Rydaz Forum Open!!- January 21, 2002 -

Whatz Up. This is Yung-G, and I’m the new staff member @ Luniz Online. The Luniz & West Coast Rydaz Forum is finally open, so join as soon as possible. Join HERE . E-Mail me with comments.

Reported By: Young G


Luniz Album Comin With New Name - December 23, 2001 -

The forthcoming Luniz album has been re-titled to Black & Silver, this is the rumored & temporary title. They can't call it Oakland Raiders for obvious reasons. That tracklist we posted is similar but won't be the final tracklist. They are currently working on a deal with KOCH to distribute the Thuglords album, which will we released by the duo C-Bo and Yukmouth. Production will be handled by the likes of Battlecat and LT Hutton. They are dropping the album after the Luniz drops in March. After that, be on the lookout for the new Yukmouth solo album. Thanx to Gambler and WestCoast2K.Cjb.Net for this Luniz update.

Reported By: C-Dub


New Luniz Album Info!!! December 22, 2001

Like WestCoast2k recently reported, the forthcoming Luniz album now titled "Oakland Blaze" is set to drop early next year. The album features guest appereances by Kurupt and Daz, Dru Down, C-Bo and more. Below is the tracklisting (unofficial) along with two tracks to preview.
Luniz - Oakland Blaze

01. Stay Packin' Heat f/ Daz & Kurupt (LISTEN)
02. Take It Off, Brake Me Off
03. Makin' Moves feat. Dru Down
04. Narcotics
05. Cuz Yo Bitch Wants To
06. Fuck You feat. C-BO
07. I'm Dangerous feat. Dru Down
08. Too Many Issues
09. Mic Check
10. Nobody's Love
11. I'm A Raider
12. South 2 Da West Coast (LISTEN)
13. Pockets Deep & Plenty.

Reported By: C-Dub


News And Updates

Wassup Y'all, i recently been linked by and a whole lot of other dope sites...u can peep that by viewing the Quik Links section on the main page, Firstly, those of u who know chris from is designing a button and possibly a banner if hes not buisy that is, Secoundly, those of u that are a regular for then u may no I-Bo, I-Bo and I will be designing a new layout for the whole site through out these 2 weeks... so stay up on that...Peace Out


Yukmouth Interview

I Recently Found An Interview With Yukmouth On About The New Luniz New Album...So I Thought That Y'all Would Be Interested :-

WCR:What can we expect from the upcoming Luniz album ?

Yuk:The new Luniz album will be hot to death!!! The same funnyside of gangsta hip-hop type shit ya dig.

WCR:Whazt type of sound will Smoke-A-Lot Records be bringing to the rap game?

Yuk: Far as Smoke-A-Lot, our music is that missing link in the industry 2 day. A worldwide movement from west 2 the eastcoast, from north on down 2 the south…..We got Regime niggaz everywhere, so it won’t be like rap clickz who all from the same city or block, We from all over the states connected !!!!!Thatz the difference.

WCR:How do you feel about people comparing your lyrics to 2 Pac ?

Yuk: Far as people comparing my lyrics to Pac, I take that as a compliment cuzz Pac was & still is the best rapper ever, and if people say I spit just as clean or remind them of Pac, So be it……..Thankz 4 the compliment and life goes on.

WCR: We also heard that you were doing a movie, what can we expect from that ?
Yuk: The movie I’m in is called “Voo Doo Child”. It’s a movie that will premiere overseas & in the states soon.

WCR: What upcoming projects are Yukmouth & The Regime working on ?

Yuk: The Regime album, will be dropped on Smoke-A-Lot Records next year.

WCR: Whatz was it like working with J.T. The Bigga Figga & Tha Gamblaz for that “Block Shit” album ?

Yuk: J.T. The Bigga Figga was cool 2 work with. We both from the Bay & watched eachother come up in this rap game. So itz always luv 4 my nigga the Figga.

WCR: What plans do you have for the future ?

Yuk: Plans 4 the future include, launching Smoke-A-Lot Records off with a big bang, droppin Luniz album, Regime, & my solo projects. Starting a clothing company and starting a management company.



Upcoming Release PandeMonium Soon To Drop! On Snake Pit Records the Album Features Artists Such As Snoop Dogg, Scarface, Devin The Dude, Fat Joe, Too $hort, Capone & Noreaga, Warren G, Jayo Felony, Richie Rich, DJ Doc, E-40, Juveile, Suga Free, Twista, Black Rob, G-Dep, MC Ren, C-Note, Nasty Girls, Armageddon, Spice 1, Dru Down, 4-Tay, Fell And Solo Member Of The Luniz "Yukmouth". The First Single To Be Released Is Titled Pimp Talk 2001 Performed By Suga Free, 4-Tay And The Homie Dru Down (Note: The First Appearence Luniz Collabarated On Was Ice Cream Man On Dru Down's Album Under The Title Of "Explicit Game"...)


Newly Uploaded

Newly Uploaded Mp3's Still Ridin' Performed By Yukmouth Feat. Captain Save 'Em & C-Bo Which Is A Tribute Song To Tupac Shakur & Finally Someone Has Dissed The Bitting Azz Trick Master P And Also Memphis Bleek, And An Interview By Tupac Shakur Titled "Tupac On Luniz" & A Song Performed By Numskul AKA Drank-A-Lot, Clee & Yukmouth Titled "I Can't Wait (Note: Released On Drank-A-Lots Solo Album "Good Laaawd That's Alot Of Drank" Released In Early 2000...


M P 3 / M O N T H

Artist: Seagram
: Seag & Yuk Is Ridin'
Feat: Yumouth
Description: This Is A New Page Recently Been Added To It Is Titled M P 3 / Month We Will Be Giving Peope A Chance To Request A Song Themselfs I Have Converted The MP3'S At 128KB'p Just Under CDQ So There For If You Would Like To Support The Artist Please Buy The Album This Song Has Been Requested Of This Dude Who E-Mailed Me Recently... If You Would Like To Request A Certain MP3 You Can Contact Me By Clicking HERE ( <|== F**k Bootlegerz ==|>)
Duration: 4:49.9
Size: 4.41MB


F E A T U R E D - A U D I O

Artist: Yukmouth
: So Ignorant
Feat: Kokane, Kurupt & Nate Dogg
Description: This is a new Yukmouth song recorded for the album Thug Lord : The New Testament the song was made at the end of features artists such as Kokane, Kurupt & Nate Dogg
Duration: 4:31
Size: 1:06 MB
Real Audio
Lyrics: So Ignorant

Clap Yo Hands

Click HERE to listen to "Clap Yo Hands," In Streaming Audio Format the first single of Yukmouth's LP, Thug Lord: New Testament, Due Out March 27, 2001...

F E A T U R E D - A U D I O

Artist: Luniz
: Y Do Thugz Die
Feat: -
Description: This is an old Luniz song released on theyr'e
secound album under the tittle of Lunitik Muzik released in is also a very HOT 2pac tribute i thought that y'all would like to see what the Luniz thought of pac and his time of dying!!!
Duration: 4:55
Size: 1.16 MB
Real Audio
Lyrics: Y Do Thugz Die


welcome To

Welcome To Here You Can Find Biography On The Luniz, Real Audio, Latest News, New Releases And Pictures and more. To Contact Me Can You Please E-Mail Me At


F E A T U R E D - A U D I O

Artist: Luniz
: Killaz On The Payroll
Feat: Phats Bossi, Madd Maxx & Poppa L.Q
Description: This is an old Luniz song released on there
second album under the title of Lunitik Muzik released in 1997...
Duration: Unknown
Size: 939 KB
Real Video


Site Update And Hate Mail...

What's Up...Sorry i haven't updated much lately i been hella busy with other shyt... The News im about to mention below is realy recent but i thought the true "Luniz" fan's would like to know... i was peepin' my old XXL magazines and i read a colum called "Letters - Hate Mail From The Heart"... and from what i read in the mag they have given "Thug Lord - The New Testament" a realy shitty rating on the last issue of XXL which was released on June, 2001, and they had alotta hate mail from the readers of the mag...i managed to scan in what the fans write...
Click HERE
to view the first of two complaints,
Click HERE
to view the secound of two complaints,
Click HERE
to view the address of the magazine XXL,

And i have also updated the pic section and ive added a new section to the site called album reviews i have scanned in a album review from the source called Thug Lord by "Yukmouth" to view the Thug Lord review by Yukmouth Click HERE
im not going to be updating for a while coz im gonna be trying to work on a new layout...ill try my best to keep you updated...There is rummors going around that the new "Luniz" album schedualed to be released Fall 2001 is rummoured to be called Oakland Blaze ill try & keep u up on that shit...Peace... Also is there any way any of y'all can use my Forum coz i aint getting many hits as it should be... And also good friend scott has a new layout on his latest site WestCoastAfterShock if u would please give a bit of ya time to peep the new layout... Peace...


Link Trade & Tha Bay 2G

What's Poppin' you may have notticed i aint been getting many hit's lately if any one is willing to do a Link Trade i would appriciate it... Thanks... also i have found an old advertisment of Yukmouth for a clothing company called "Quasi Sport's"
Click HERE to view it,
& if any of y'all visited my old site "Tha Bay 2G" u will nottice it hasn't been updated for a while coz i kindda finshed with it but if i did work on that site again the layout would be a completely new design...but a homie of mine said i should bring my site up again can u holla at me at if u think i should..Thanks Again...Peace...


Good Laaawd That's Alot Of Drank Tracklist

I have recently found the Clee & Drank-A-Lot tracklisting. I will update the discography section is the tracklist to "Good Laaawd That's Alot Of Drank"

01. We Famous
02. La Vida Broka (featuring Ras Kass)
03. Ball Or Bleed (featuring Hittaz On Da Payroll)
04. Knock Diesel
05. Worst Out Of Me (featuring Hittaz On Da Payroll)
06. Jack Off
07. Trickin'
08. Family Affair
09. Int. Helmet (featuring Money B)
10. I Can't Wait (featuring Yukmouth)
11. Stop What You're Doing (featuring Bad Azz)
12. Payroll Motto (featuring Money B)
13. No DNA (featuring Shock G)
14. No Me No You (featuring Shorai)

Or Click HERE
To View The Updated Discogrpahy Section...


Outlawz Join Koch While Luniz Bail

Outlawz Join KOCH While The Luniz Bail is reporting that the rumor about the Outlawz joining KOCH Records has been confirmed. They also stated that The Luniz seem to have left KOCH Records to join Rap-a-Lot without releasing an album. This comes after confirmation we received that the Outlawz album Jerzey Mob will be distributed by Bayside Distribution on August 31.


Realside/Bayside Entertainment Distribution is scheduled to release the Criminalz's (Celly Cel, Jayo Felony and Spice 1) debut LP, Criminal Activiy, on August 7, 2001. Jayo's photo on the cover was removed due to legal disputes, but Jayo appears on over 80% of the LP. The album will feature guest appearances by Bun-B, Sylk E. Fyne, Tray Deee and Yukmouth. The tracklist is below:

01) Lockdown
02) Criminal Activity
03) Ridaz
04) Puttin' In Work
05) Niggaz Like Us
06) My Life
07) Boss Up (Feat. Yukmouth)
08) Doin' It Big
09) The Real World
10) Reminisce
11) What They Hittin' Fo'?
12) Rollin' Wit' My Folks



AP-9's HeadShotz

Below is the tracklist for AP-9's debut solo LP, Headshotz, due out July 17, 2001:

01) Intro
02) M.O.B. F.I.G.A.Z.
03) Comin' For Me - (Feat. Keak Da Sneak and Willie Hen)
04) Federal
05) Time To Rize - (Feat. San Quinn)
06) In The Line Of Fire - (Feat. Freako)
07) Dogz & Hogz - (Feat. Bailey and Big Rich)
08) Action Packed - (Feat. Jon Doe)
09) Voices - (Feat. Knyva and Latoya Gaines)



Richie Rich Online

Richie Rich's official web site is now up, peep Richie Rich Online. Remember the new Dubble-R CD is FINALLY droppin Feb 13th after being on the shelves for over two years! That album is gon be heated, go pick it up and support Rich on the 13th. You can see the track list for the album at

Thug Lord: The New Testament

Solo Member Of The Group Luniz Yukmouth Is Set To Release His Second LP Released On Rap-A-Lot Records On April 3rd, 2001 The First Single And Video To Be Released Is "Oh Boy". Tracklist Below :

01) Old Testament (Feat. Mac Minister)
02) Thug Lord
03) Oh Boy
04) Regime Life (Feat. Lil' Mo & The Régime)
05) Clap Yo hands
06) Hi Maintanance (Feat. Lil' Mo)
07) Puffin' Lah
08) We Gone Ride (Feat. Outlawz)
09) Worlds Most Hated
10) Thug Money (Feat. Kool G, Rap)
11) Do It Right (Feat. C-BO & Phats Bossi)
12) Ooh Ooh
13) Regime Killers 2001 (Feat. The Régime)
14) So Ignorant (Feat. Kokane, Kurupt & Nate Dogg)
15) Smile (Feat. C-BO, CJ Mac & Daemon Elliot)
16) New Testament (Feat. Kokane)


The Game

Peep the tracklist for Richie Rich new album titled "The Game" which will drop Feb.13

01) Strait Mail - (Feat. B-Legit)
02) Ain't Gon' Do
03) Playboy
04) Crack Rock
05) If
06) Truth, The - (Feat. Gonzoe)
07) Birds - (Feat. Rame/Crown Jul)
08) Game Don't Stop
09) Bring The O
10) Whose House
11) How Many Licks - (Feat. Yukmouth)
12) Niggas Buy Pu**y
13) Hit Me On The Hip - (Feat. Rame/Crown Jul)
14) Game, The
15) Nothin' To Lose - (Feat. Ruffa)
16) Time In My Life



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Outlaw Recordz
Rime Magazine
West Coast Rydaz




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